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Whether an artist uses the paintbrush or hammer and chisel to create, the process is identical. The computer is incapable of producing art. The computer is only a temporary processor of ideas. Having used the paintbrush to express my creativity throughout my life I was apprehensive about utilizing this machine as my proverbial paintbrush.

I have discovered that the computer, with it's varied modes of output, has proved an incredibly versatile creative tool. In a metaphysical sense, all is energy. Using an energetic medium, closer to the source is like creating with the ether. Technology has presented us with great potential for creativity and connectivity to elevate the human spirit. These works come to light as my exploration into the essence of our collective dream we call reality.

The images are meant to be printed on museum quality paper and framed accordingly. My intention when creating these works was to present the viewer with a marriage of traditional look and high tech and to convey concepts and impressions that transcend the spoken word.

There is exceptional detail in these works that one may only appreciate when viewed framed and hanging on a wall.

As of yet, none of this current series has be printed. The details required are being ironed out, so as soon as the hardcopies have been sized, which particular printing method has been chosen and pricing has been established, I'll post the info on this website.

Thanks for taking time to browse my presentation here in cyberspace. It's greatly appreciated!

Latest Works

"Meet Ur Maker, Self Portrait"
Computer Generated Fine Art, Limited Edition Print, August 2013

Had it not rained like crazy this work would've never been born! Here's a manipulation of my facebook profile picture. The left side of the face is mirrored and merged. The billowing clouds above the head arouse from a manipulated photo I took a couple of weeks ago. Genesis from above. The dark waters of matter overflow, becoming the architecture of our limited cognitive perceptions. A winged scarab with red disk and a floating golden triangle are some mystical, but common symbols easy to decipher should you choose too. As my first self portrait it manifested as an artistic epiphany and took me totally by surprise.

"Mirrored? No. More."
Computer Generated Fine Art, Limited Edition Print, August 2013

This work is a representation of the balance required to reach an understanding of mans eternal essence. Piercing thru and understanding the veil of illusion is the intent of all mystics and philosophers. Here the man is an illustration born of the light of the cosmos and the infinite sea of darkness which bears all matter. Speak to me only with your eye, the darkness which sustains all, beckons. And for those with eyes to see, this work depicts simple and subtle esoteric symbolism in color and arrangement to convey the message that we are one with the all and yet retain our individual perception.


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